Customer Service First Page >> Technical Service>> Pre-sale Customer Service – Customer Product Consultation – Deliver Relevant Machine Information –Deliver Relevant Printed Sample Printed by the Said Machine

Aftersale: Technical Training – Installation and Commission – Technical Support – Troubleshooting – Periodical Customer Visit – New Technical Lesson

Customer Product Consultation: Know the products to be made by users and machine to be used, apart from our website and you can also contact our marketing persons directly;

Deliver the relevant machine information: Communicate with customers further and deliver the relevant information of the machine ordered;

Relevant machine printed catalogue: Deliver customers with the necessary catalogue of the machine customers need before technical and commercial negotiation to meet the requirements of customer orders;

Operation Training: After the machine ordered, before the delivery of the machine, a training of no more than 20 days will be offered to let the users know well the machine operation;

Installation and Commissioning: After the equipment delivered into customer factory, our aftersale service engineer will instruct and joining in the equipment installation and commissioning to secure normal machine operation and achieve the acceptance test standard;

Technical Support: During the machine running, some new problems will occur in maintenance, service and technical upgrade, we will do our best to offer the relevant technical serve and support and solve the problems accordingly;

Troubleshooting: After get the report of machine faults, the fault diagnosis will be worked out and call and instruct the user how to clear of the faults, in some special circumstances, our technical engineer will come to the site to solve the problem;

Periodical Visit: Our aftersale service team will visit every regional customer periodically to know better the machine running, solve their problems and hear the proposal and complains;

New Technical Lessons: In order to build up a technical exchange platform, service our customer better, we will hold some trainings from time to time and the operators of users will be invited to attend in a bid of learning and exchange each other.