Mr. Zhao Dongai,  Board chairman of BENGBU AOTE CARTON MACHINERY CO.,LTD., a postgraduate graduated from Economic Management Dept. of Anhui Financial and Economic University and a former governmental official.

Mr. Zhao Dongai took the post of director and Party secretary of Anhui Bengbu Carton Plant in 1987 and deputy director of Bengbu Industrial Bureau and the director/Party secretary of the same plant concurrently in 1993. In 1995, he was the director and Party secretary of Bengbu Industrial Bureau and the director/Party secretary of the same plant at the same time. In 1997 he was also appointed as the director, deputy Party secretary of Bengbu Middle District People’s Government and deputy director of Bengbu Economic and Trade Commission. During the 10 years as the leader of Carton Machinery Plant, he developed some new machines such as single face corrugated paperboard production lines, tri-layers, five-layers corrugated paperboard production lines, carton printing/forming machines (set machines and single machines) etc up to more than 70 varieties and 100 specifications. The said products are sold well to over 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and some of them exported to over 20 counties such as France, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Egypt, South Africa and Chile. And the plant was therefore named as the excellent enterprise for packing machines in China, China advanced light industrial producer, high tech corporation and a large profit gainer/tax payer in Bengbu.

Today Mr. Zhao Dongai is retired and set up his Bengbu AoTe carton machinery co.,ltd. Under his leadership, backed up with the technology and personal intelligence, and the research and development as the locomotive, after years endeavour more, top quality and satisfactory performance carton machines are therefore forged.