1987~1997 -- Mr. Zhao Dongai worked as Party secretary and director of Bengbu Carton Machinery Works, a nation-owned factory;

1991 -- The first corrugated board (5 ply) production line was invented;

1992 -- The first high speed flexo printer-slotter-die-cutter machine (kick feeder) was invented;

Apr. 2002 -- Mr. Zhao owned his Bengbu Aoli Carton Machinery Plant with the original employees from Bengbu Carton Machinery Plant;

Jan.2004 -- The first model ZYKM auto high speed flexo printer-slotter- die-cutter machine (belt type lead edge feeder) was made, on which all the adjustments can be done with computer except for cylinder gaps setting. Moreover, it has auto order change function and features of high speed and high automation, therefore highly accepted by users and well sold to South America and Europe;

Nov. 2006 -- the company name was changed into Bengbu Aote Carton Machinery Co., Ltd;

Nov. 2007 -- The project of “High Speed Corrugated Blank Printing and Forming Machine based on the Automatic Technology” was applied for and awarded fund from the Mid-small Enterprise Technical Innovative Foundation of National S&T Ministry;

2008-- company moved into its own manufacturing site of city high-tech zone, which covers 28,000m2 new plant area including assembling workshop, machining workshop, offices and living quarters etc;

Jan. 2009 -- The invention of “Rubber Cylinder Quick Change System of Carton Making Machines” of our company was awarded the patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Bureau;

Apr. 2009 -- The first set of Model ZYKM IV auto high speed flexo printer-slotter-die-cutter machine (feeding wheel type lead edge feeder driven by inverter motor from Germany and its printing quality as good as offset printing) with folder/gluer production line was elaborated featuring all the adjustments being done with computer and order change function, a machine of world leading level. This machine was shown in Shanghai Sino-Corrugation Exhibition 2009 and bought by the user from Suzhou on spot;

Nov. 2009 --The invention of “Flexo Printer-slotting-die-cutting machine with the printing quality as good as offsetting printing” invented by our company was applied and awarded the patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Bureau;

Oct. 2009 -- Model BYKM series auto flexo printer-slotting-die-cutting machine was awarded the European CE certification;

Oct. 2009, our company was authorized 9001:2008 quality control system certification, which means Aote Company’s management is being normalized in depth;

Mar. 2010 -- our company was awarded the prize of S&T of Bengbu City;

May, 2010 -- our company was appraised as Anhui Provincial High Tech Enterprise;

June 2010 -- the invention of “belt type oscillating feeding device of auto high speed carton printing and forming machine” was awarded the patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Bureau;

Sept. 2010 -- The invention of “Cartoning machine’s cylinders clearance setting unit controlled by digital indicators and PLC communication was awarded the patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Bureau;

Sept. 2010 -- The “Automatic Corrugated Board Printing and Forming Machine” was awarded the title of Anhui Provincial High Tech Product;

Oct. 2010 -- Model BZX auto folder/gluer was awarded the European CE certification;

Sept. 2011 -- Model ZYKM series auto high speed flexo printer-slotting-die- cutting machine was awarded European CE certification;

Apr. 2011 -- The first set of Model ZYKM-IV auto high speed flexo printer- slotting-die-cutting machine (Sun lead edge feeder from USA) was invented, which is equipped with the ceramic anilox cylinder with doctor blade, all the way vacuum sheet conveyance. It is able to fulfill all the adjustments with computer except for clearance setting and has the functions of auto order change, high speed and high automation. This machine was shown at Shanghai Sino-Corrugation Exhibition 2011 and was purchased on site by the user from Jiangsu Province;

Feb. 2012 -- The first set of Model ZYKM-IV (2500 x 3600) jumbo auto high speed flexo printer-slotting-die-cutting machine was invented successfully with the configuration of German servo driving feeding wheel feeder, ceramic anilox cylinders with chambered doctor blades, overall process vacuum conveyance, all computerized settings independently except for gap adjustment, auto order change, really a machine of world leading level. This machine is mainly used for printing and slotting corrugated cartons blanks for Panasonic Refrigerators and well accepted by users.

Mar. 2012, Aote R/d Center, our own research institute and the sole “Mechanical Engineering Research Center in Anhui Province” was approved by Dept. of Science and Technology of Anhui;

July, 2013, Aote was re-approved as High Tech Enterprise;

May, 2104, Mr. Zhao Dongai, president of Aote was engaged as a “Guest Professor” by Bengbu College;

Sept. 2014, Aote was honored the titles as one of “Top 50 Enterprises of Chinese Paper Packing Industry” and one of the “Top 10 Customers Loved Product Brands”;

Sept. 2014, Mr. Lu Peixin, senior expert of Aote published his “English- Chinese and Chinese English Dictionary of Corrugated Box”, which is the first professional toolbook in China;

Sept. 2014, “The Flexo Non-shaft Multiple Function Units of High Resolution Corrugated blank Printing” was accepted by Scientific and Technical Innovational Fund Program of Anhui Province;

Dec. 2014, Model ZYKM-III high speed auto flexo printing slotting and diecutting machine was completed and delivered to Salvador, whose size is 2000x4700mm and the largest converter in Asia, symbolizing Aote has reached a new peak in technology, design and manufacture.

May, 1, 2015, Aote was honored the title as “A Honesty Enterprise in Anhui”;

Apr. 2015, two most sophisticated machines -- Model GSYM full servo drive 7 color high precision flexo printing varnishing drying diecutting machine and model ZYKM high speed full auto 6 color flexo printing diecutting machine (stationary) were exhibited in Sino-Corrugated Exhibition Shanghai, and success was gained there.