Warm congratulations on BengBu Aote Carton Machinery CO.,LTD's “AOTE”trademark obtained "Anhui province famous trademark" title

EDIT TIME: 2018-10-29  VIEWS:381

As 2018 nears, BengBu Aote Carton Machinery CO.,LTD obtained the title of "Anhui province famous trademark" issued by Anhui province government,this is not only show AOTE company's brand good,but also marks the development of AOTE carton machinery CO.,LTD go to a new grade.At the same time,it has effectively enhanced the popularity and competitiveness of AOTE brand,it is another important milestone in the brand development of AOTE company,has greatly promoted the brand development,is conducive toaccess to a broader market;At the same time, it is also the driving force that drives Aote Carton Machinery CO.,LTD to improve product research and development, production quality, strengthen market development ability and improve overall service quality.

This is the result of Aote Carton Machinery CO.,LTD's pursuit of perfection and implementation of brand strategy over the years,it is also the best proof of customer's trust in the brand, the symbol of brand strength and the embodiment of brand value,again confirmed the "AOTE"brand in the corrugated carton packaging machinery industry status.