AOTE company attends the INDIACORR EXPO 2018 and the product presentation held in Ahmadabad state of India acquires a complete success.

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AOTE company attends INDIACORR EXPO 2018 held in Mumbai India from October 4 to 6, 2018, and Mr.Zhao, the manager from international trading department of AOTE company is sent to attend the exhibition along with the business partner ‘Radhe Packing’.  

In the three days’ exhibition, more than one hundred customers from packaging companies come to visit our booth.They feel amazed at the printing samples showed by AOTE company, especially the printing sample of the LPI 133 high definition with varnishing, overprint precision : ±0.3mm, bright colors and exquisite images, which especially meets the packaging needs of the beer, beverage and food industries. They all think that AOTE’s products will have a big potential and promising future in Indian market. At the same time,Mr. Zhao has talked with the leaders of Indian Packaging Association happily.  

After the exhibition finished on October 6,2018, Mr. Zhao goes to “RadhePacking” company in Ahmedabad state immediately to attend the product presentation organized by RadhePacking and AOTE company. RadhePacking along with the local packaging association have organized dozens of customers who have the purchasing intention to come here ,for the purpose of observing the working situation of our company’s model ZYKM I 1300x2500mm high speed printing slotting die-cutting machine in “RadhePacking” company. 

At ten o’clock of October 7,2018, the Indian customers come to the workshop of “RadhePacking” company on time. “RadhePacking” company has prepared 30000 sheets of paper boards for the presentation.

In the process of presentation, this machine works very well.The max speed is 200 sheets/min and the parameters of machine are all adjusted by automatic control system.High automation, perfect printing effect, overprint precision and this machine’s performance have left a very deep impression on these Indian customers.They have expressed strong intention to purchase the machine.

After the presentation finished, Mr Patel of “RadhePacking” has held a reception lunch on the grass land, and then we take photos together after having meal, and prepare for the further business negotiations.