Bengbu Aote Carton Machinery Co., Ltd has been honored as the title of Profession, Perfection, Unique and New mid/small enterprise in Anhui Province

EDIT TIME: 2016-11-08  VIEWS:681

In order to carry out the Direction On Promotion Of Mid/Small Enterprises’ “Profession, Perfection, Unique, New”, lead those manufacturers development  to the mentioned route, Bengbu Aote has been nominated as one of the “mid/small enterprises of “profession, perfection, unique and new in Anhui 2016 ”through earnest investigation and strict city and strict organizations recommendation, then applied Aote to for the assessment by provincial Commission of Economic/Information and public proclamation.

Those named as the honored mid/small enterprises titles are all the representative and model ones in the city and district, which will be supported by provincial and municipal governments in terms of various sources to let them become bigger and stronger.

Aote, at this point is determined to insists in the developing path focusing on Profession, Perfection, Unique, New” to enhance its core competence and innovative power with its model function to contribute much for the local economic development!