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Machine Performance

●This machine is made in line with European concepts featuring reliable function and safety, and CE certification, issued;

●It is especially designed for the jumbo boxes, all the machine is electrically set without any manual operation, therefore, the printing accuracy, production and efficiency are more prominent after setting;

●Touch screen control includes the functions of indications of auto counting, speed, production, skip feeding and alarms;

●All transmission rollers are made of top quality steel processed through dynamic/static balance tests, chrome plating and polishing;

●Phase setting is done with Korean original digital meter to set current value to target value once precisely;

●Imported transmission gears are adopted which are hardened and ground>60o Rockwell hardness;

●Bearings from Japan original imported .

●Main electric components are purchased from the suppliers such as SCHNEIDER France and OMRON Japan;

●Spline free joint ring are employed to reduce center abrasion and remain precise registration for a long time;

●Auto zeroing and auto reset;

●Main motor start protection, main motor can not start when it is not locked to avoid maloperation;

●Every unit of overall machine can be released separately, electric shifting and pneumatic locking with acoustic alarm in traveling to secure operators safety. The auto brake is able to stop machine running;

●Emergent protection: emergency switch is installed inside every unit to stop unit running inside machine for more security;

●A large digital screen installed under machine cable channel displays machine printing speed (sheet/min) to facilitate operator to watch machine speed in different positions;

Paper Feeding Unit

1.Wheel Front Edge feeder

(1) Wheel 4-shaft lead edge feeder to increase fan airflow to make even precise feeding;

(2) Frequency inverter controls vacuum airflow and pressure to let it adapt to blank size;

(3) Measures to be taken to make the positioning from front part of feeder to reduce feeding error and improve feeding, slotting and diecutting accuracies; moreover, it remains more stable in high speed production;

(4) Left/right baffles are electrical controlled;

(5) The front/back positions of trail blank support are controlled electrically to facilitate feeding size setting;

(6) Continuous feeding available;

(7) Touch screen control including auto counting, speed, production, skip feeding and alarms etc;

2. Units Engagement or Disengagement

(1) Units engagement or disengagement is controlled by motor with the acoustic alarm when unit is shifting to secure operators safety;

(2) Press unit shifting-out button, every unit is shifting out, and each unit can be released in turns when they open to a certain distance;

(3) After units release, the brake of every unit acts automatically to let units gears meshed at an accurate position so as to set printing phase;

(4) Press shifting-in button, units can be closed in turns, in this case locking cylinder acts to fix units;

(5) Main motor actuates start protection, main motor can not start without locking; under main motor running state, unit shifting-in button pressing is invalid.

3. Pull Roller

(1) Dual pulling roller system for more stable feeding;

(2) Bottom roller is made of quality steel through precise milling, knurling, chrome plating and dynamic/ static balance tests;

(3) Pulling rollers is equipped with a manual micro setting device for quick clearance self locking and a scale disc indicates setting directions and values.

4. Duster

(1) Cleaning brushes remove dust on blank surface to improve printing quality;

(2) Upper suction fan removes dust particles on blank to make it cleaner.

Printing Unit

1. Printing Plate Cylinder

(1) It is made of quality steel with professional workmanship through strict dynamic/static balance tests, chrome plating after grounding and then polishing to secure the smooth running and delicate printing;

(2) Pedal switch is installed to control cylinder forward/backward rotation to facilitate plate loading or unloading.

2. Impression Cylinder

(1) Seamless tube surface is ground and polished after chrome plating;

(2) It assumes more stable running after dynamic/static balance tests;

(3) A self locker is installed for setting the clearance between impression cylinder and plate cylinder with scale disk indication.

3. Anilox Cylinder

(1) Steel tube surface is ground and chrome plated;

(2) It assumes more stable running after dynamic/static balance tests;

(3) With the feeder’s pneumatic auto elevation system, the anilox cylinder can descend automatically to touch the printing plate for inking; the anilox cylinder can be lifted to release from plate cylinder automatically when paper feeding stops to reduce abrasion and prolong its life;

(4) Anilox roller clearance setting uses self locker with a scale disk indication.

4. Rubber Inking Cylinder

(1) It is made of quality steel tube with the surface cut with two threads of foreword/backward to make the rubber covering more firm without falling off;

(2) Its surface is wrapped with abrasion proof rubber of 60o Shore hardness;

(3) Rubber cylinder is especially crowned to improve the inking;

(4) Clearance between rubber and anilox cylinders is set electrically with a scale disk indication.

5. Phase Setting Device

(1) Planetary gearing structure;

(2) Printing phase adopts dual speed electrical setting;

(3) Printing phase settings is done with original Korean digital meter to set from current value to target value once step and CNC control values are also displayed;

(4) Electric axial settings and digital indication are employed, and it has 360 degrees phase setting and ±10mm axial setting range;

(5) Plate cylinder axial shifting is electrically set and its ±10mm setting values are shown on digital meter to facilitate plate alignment.

6. Ink Cycle

(1) Pneumatic membrane pump features stable ink supplying and easy operation and maintenance;

(2) Ink filter removes foreign particles to make even delicate prints;

(3) Enclosed stainless ink groove is installed.

7. Printing Phase Positioning Device

(1) Brake system of electro-magnetic clutch;

(2) When units are being released or phase setting is done, brake system limits units’ rotation to make the gears remain at the original position.

8. Pre-impression Disk

Pre-impressing wheel is added in last color printing to avoid blanks crushed in the process of creasing.

Slotting Unit

1. Slotting Phase Setting

(1) Slotting phase setting adopts original Korean digital meter to make the current value set to target value in one operation and digital control values are also displayed to let the setting even more quick and easy;

(2) Box height setting: it is set with four-knife electrically and synchronously. An original Korean digital meter is employed to let it set from current value to target value in one step, featuring in digital control values and indication to enhance the easy and quick setting;

(3) A collision proof protector is installed for slotting knives’ box height setting to prevent it from damaging.

2. Axial slotting Setting

(1) The upper and bottom slotting cylinder shaft diameters are both 210mm and slotting boss radius is 360mm.  

(2) Upper/bottom slotting shafts are set electrically and synchronously with transmission shaft coupling to guarantee upper/bottom knives aligned and prolong its service life;

(3) The clearance of slotting bosses is set electrically;

(4) Slotting knife width is of 10mm to be especially designed for jumbo boxes of triple-wall corrugated board, which is indented blade made of alloy steel through thermal treatment featuring sound hardness and tenacity. The steel alloy is under thermal treating, grinding and sharpening featuring sharp blade and more accuracy;

(5) Elastic angle cutting design is able to cut off three wall and five wall and seven wall easily without setting, boasting the simple operation.

3. Scoring Wheel

(1) The transverse shifting of pre-scoring wheels, scoring wheels and slotting bosses are all set electrically;

(2) Pre-scoring and scoring clearances settings are set electrically;

(3) Upper creasing wheels are wrapped with PU coverings to protect blanks.

Die-cutting Unit

1. Die cutter Cylinder (Bottom Cylinder)

(1) Die cutter cylinder adopts quality steel through precise machining, dynamic and static balance tests featuring sound running and accurate die cutting;

(2) Die cutter fastening screw-hole distances: axial: 50mm; radial: 20 divisions;

(3) Die cutter cylinder phase is set with dual speed electrical digital settings and planetary gearing at 360 degrees (available at either running or stop);

(4) Die cutter cylinder left and right shifting is set electrically with 10mm setting range.

2. Anvil Cylinder (Upper cylinder)

(1) It is made of quality steel through precise machining, dynamic/static balance tests, and its surface is wrapped with PU covering imported from TaiWan;

(2) Anvil cylinder is equipped with tracer and differential compensation device to control the anvil cylinder speed and its compensation range is ±3mm;

(3) Anvil cylinder adopts trimming system to make the covering even and smooth to improve its life and reduce costs;


1. Longitudinal/transverse Stripper

Longitudinal/transverse stripper’s wide belt is driven by a special motor to move scrapes cut from die cutter out of the unit automatically to let it treated in concentrated way.

Auto stacking Unit

1. Auto/manual control modes available;

The tension of conveying belt of sheet collecting arm can be set separately without the limit by belt length featuring easiness, flexibility and quickness.

2. Collector Bed Elevation

1) Driven by a strong chain for smooth elevation and transverse movement;

2) 1600mm stacking height;

3) Collecting bed elevation motor is attached with a brake to remain it at a fixed position without sliding down.

3. Collection Baffle

1) Collecting plate is driven pneumatically and the stacking height is control by photocell;

2) Back baffle can be set manually in line with blank length;

3) The grained surface belt shows fine friction to prevent it from slipping.


1. Lubrication

Sealed oil tank works in splashing oiling;

2. Side Panel thickness

It is made of 60mm grey pig iron through annealing and machined with machining center featuring precision and top quality.

3. Gears

The main transfer gear is made of high quality alloy steel, which is treated by carburizing, quenching and grinding. Rockwell hardness > 60 degrees.



1.Bearings of the cylinders of printing plate, rubber and anilox

Japanese THK、NSK、NTH

2.Other bearings

Harbin,Luoyang, Wafangdian China

3.AC contactors, thermal relays




5.touch screen



7.Spline free joint ring


8.Low voltage elements(AC contactor, relay air switch)

Schneider France

9.touch screen PLC


10.CNC meter


11.pneumatic one-way membrane pump


12.frequency inverter


13.solenoid valve

AIR TAC Taiwan

14.pneumatic cylinder

AIR TAC Taiwan

5) Technical Parameter
Technical Data 2500x3600 2000x4700
Max machine speed(p/min) 60 60
Max feeding size(mm) 2500x3600 2000x4700
Min feeding size(mm) 400x720 400x720
Skip feeding(mm) 2700x3600 2200x4600
Max printing area(mm) 2500x3500 2000x4600
Printing plate thickness(mm) 7.2 7.2
Paperboard thickness(mm) 2.0-10 2.0-10