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Machine Performance

●This machine is made in line with European concepts featuring reliable functions and safety, and CE certification, issued;

●Automatic control system, merely an order of box information is input in touch screen, all the cylinders clearances, axial and circumference data of feeder, printer, slotter and die cutter will be set automatically featuring accuracy and reliability without personal interference to realize full automation and enhance production efficiency;

●CNC (Computer Numerical Control)control system storages production orders featuring easy and fast order change and simple operation;

●Special PC remote service is added to remove equipment faults rapidly and enhance service efficiency to reduce maintenance costs; (This function can be optioned according to customer’s need and connection to internet is necessary);

●All transmission rollers are made of top quality steel processed through dynamic/static balance tests, chrome plating and polishing;

●Imported transmission gears are adopted which are hardened and ground, >60o Rockwell hardness;

●Japanese bearings are employed;

●The major electric control elements are purchased from famous suppliers such as Schneider France

●Printer is equipped with imported ceramic anilox cylinder and TaiWan single doctor blade system, the doctor chamber and rubber cylinder can be optioned according to configuration requirements for alternative operation to be able to printer the blanks of different resolution requirement;

● Vacuum suction case adopts advanced technique, transmission cage roll shafts support bearings are installed with oil cups to secure machine high speed running. The vacuum auxiliary feeding is assisted by 7.5kw high pressure centrifugal fan, whose air volume is set with frequency inverter to make the feeding stable and smooth, even the thin and warp blanks can be conveyed successfully. In printing, damper can be set in line with blanks of different sizes to ensure sufficient air volume for the registration;

● Unit side panels are made of quality steel, which is machined with CNC machining center after its stress is removed;

● Spray lacquer: Before paint spray, components shall be through derusting - posphating – spray lacquer – stoving varnish to let its surface functions in derusting, hardness and durability;

● Hot air and IR dryer can be furnished to quicken drying to realize full page DPI printing on coated blanks;

● Every unit of overall machine can be released automatically or separately, electric shifting and pneumatic locking with acoustic alarm in traveling secure operators safety, and the auto brake is able to remain machine without running;

● Emergent protection: Emergency switch is installed inside every unit to let operator stop the unit running inside machine for more security;

● A large digital screen installed under the machine cable channel displays machine printing speed (sheet/min) to facilitate operator watch machine speed in different positions;

● Every unit main transmission gear box is installed with oil level connector to secure every unit oil remains at a same level in working, which is easily watched from an oil gauge;

● A central duster is installed.(Option)

Paper Feeding Unit

1. ControlSystem

Full automatic production control system, merely an order of box information is input on touch screen, all the cylinders clearances and axial and circumference data of feeder, printer, slotter and die cutter will be set automatically featuring accuracy and reliability without personal interference to realize full automation and enhance production efficiency;

2. Wheel Front Edge Feeder

1) Wheel lead edge feeder featuring accurate feeding, little vibration, long service and easy maintenance;

2) High feeding accuracy and adaptable blank caliper between1.5mm-10mm;

3) The mechanical vibration can be eliminated basically to avoid the vibration caused by cam transmissions so as to minimize the clearances error in the process of pull wheels running;

4) Left/right and back raffles are set on touch screen, which is eclectically set and digitally controlled and a side squaring is also installed to secure precise feeding.

3. Pull Roller

1) Single feeding rubber roller and free-pressure type feeding structure,favorable for high definition printing requirements and protection of cardboard strength requirements.

2) The upper pulling roller’s steel core surface is wrapped with buffering and abrasion proof rubber. The elastic positioning system ensures smooth and precise conveying to enhance printing registration. The bottom roller is adopt steel material.

3) Puling rollers clearances are set on touch screen, which are electrically set and digitally controlled.

4. Auto Zeroing

1) Feeder and printer are installed with auto zeroing devices;

2) With zeroing device, it will ensure all the units have the unified setting reference to be able to set the correct position and minimize blank waste.

5. Units Engagement or Disengagement

1) Units engagement or disengagement is controlled with motor along with the acoustic alarm when unit is shifting to secure operators safety;

2) Press unit shifting-out button, every unit is shifting out, and each unit can be released in turns when they open to a certain distance;

3) When units release, the brake of every unit acts automatically to let units gears meshed at an accurate point so as to position printing phase;

4) Main motor actuates start protection, machine cannot start when main motor is not locked; under main motor running state, unit shifting-in button pressing is invalid;

5) Transmission shaft is equipped with overload protector.

6. Duster (Multiple Row Brushes and Static Eliminator)

The duster’s airflow and pressure is set by means of frequency inverter so as to adapt it to the blanks of different sizes and warp to improve printing quality, the multiple row brushes can be elevated automatically according to the blanks of different caliper.

Printing Unit

1. Printing Plate Cylinder

1) It is made of quality steel with professional workmanship through strict dynamic/static balance tests, and then precisely milled; its surface is caved longitudinal/lateral lines to facilitate plate mounting;

2) Its surface is plated with chrome for long durability;

3) Plate attachment groove is installed and 10mm plate attaching strip works with ratchet wheel to fasten plate scrolling shaft to facilitate plate mounting;

4) Pedal switch is installed to control cylinder forward/backward rotation to facilitate plate loading or unloading;

5) The printing roller circumference is adjusted in the touch screen, and the electric 360 degree positive and negative adjusting printing roller (frequency conversion double speed)

6) The printing roller axial adjustment is completed in the touch screen, electric adjustment, digital control. The maximum movement is ±10mm.

2. Vacuum Case

1) Impression cylinder adopts quality seamless tube, which is precisely machined, surface milled, chrome plated and sand blasted;

2) Impression cylinder after static balance test, dynamic test is also done to enhance its stable running;

3) Special made cage roll shafts are equipped with Japanese precise roller bearings to secure the conveying accuracy and service life of vacuum conveying case;

4)Vacuum case multiple point oiling system guarantees all the Japanese roller bearings are under desired lubrication so as to prolong the bearings and polishing shafts lives to enhance conveying accuracy;

5) Vacuum case elevation clearances setting are done on touch screen, which is electrical set and digitally controlled;

6) Vacuum case fan is controlled with frequency inverter and the airflow is controllable;

7)The conveying and registration accuracies can be secured to fulfill pressure-free feeding to eliminate blanks from damaging.

3. Anilox Cylinder

1)Printer is equipped with imported ceramic anilox cylinder and quality single doctor blade system; Pneumatic adjust doctor blade and anilox roller clearance, the clearance between doctor blade and anilox cylinder can be set and a micro-setting is also added to realize quick adjustment and quick blade change. Dual directional membrane pump functions in ink supply and its ink volume can be set along with the main motor setting; its chamber can be cleaned quickly. It saves water and ink and is easy for rinsing.  

2) Anilox cylinder clearance setting can be done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digital controlled.

4. Water and Ink Cycle

1) Dual directional membrane pump supplies ink;

2) A quick dismountable enclosed ink trough is installed;

5. Printing Phase Positioning Device

1) It is of electromagnetic clutch brake system;

2) When units are being released or phase setting is done, the brake limits units operation to fix them at the same gear points.

6. InkRinsing And Saving

CNC controls inking time, controls ink volume accurately to save ink


1. Slotting Phase Setting

1) Slotting phase setting can be secured with high precise straight rail, and 5-slotting knives are driven by precise spiral gears to let the movement quicker and easier;

2) Box height, phase, axial shifting can be set once an order is input into CNC center featuring accuracy and reliabilitywithout person interference;

3) Slotting shaft is made of quality steel through milling, chrome plating and dynamic/ static balance tests to secure its smooth running;

4) A collision protector is installed when it is under box height setting or slotting bosses lateral shifting to prevent it from damaging.

2. Axial slotting Setting

1) Once an order is input into CNC center, the settings of slotting of box height, phase and axial shifting can be done automatically without personal interference. Transmission shaft coupling design is able to remain the precise alignment of upper/bottom knives to prolong knives service life;

2) Slotting knife width is of 7mm and indented blade, which is made of alloy steel through thermal treatment featuring sound hardness and tenacity. The steel alloy is under thermal treating, grinding and sharpening featuring sharpness and more accuracy;

3) Elastic angle cutting design is able to cut off single-wall or double wall easily without setting, boasting the simple operation;

4) Human-machine interface alarm indicates machine abnormal condition so as to eliminate those in time.

3. Pre-scoring Wheel

1) Upper and bottom pre-scoring shafts are made of quality steel through static/dynamic balance tests, its surface is precisely milled and plated with chrome;

2) 5 groups pre-scoring wheels design, the bottom pre-scoring wheel surface is plated with chrome, upper pre-scoring wheels are wrapped with PU coverings to protect blanks;

3) Clearance setting is done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digital controlled.

4. Scoring Wheel

1) Upper and bottom scoring shafts are made of quality steel static/dynamic balance tests, its surface is precisely milled and plated with chrome;

2) Upper creasing wheels are wrapped with PU coverings to protect blanks;

3) Scoring wheel works with slotter synchronously to secure the consistence between slotting and scoring;

4) Slotter clearance setting is done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digitally controlled;

5) Slotting phase and box height are controlled with frequency inverter at dual speed.

5. Pull Roller

1) Upper/bottom pulling rollers are made of quality steel through precise milling and chrome plating;

2) 4 groups pulling wheels design ensures stable feeding since their surfaces are plated with chrome and knurled;

3) Puling rollers clearance setting can be done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digitally controlled.

Die-cutting Unit

1. Control Panel of Die cutter

1) The phase and axial settings of die cutting cylinder can be done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digitally controlled;

2) All clearance settings can be done on touch screen, which is electrically set and digitally controlled;

3) Phase control is fulfilled with frequency inverter in dual speed controls;

4) Printing and die cutting phases are controlled in concentratedmode, and even it can be set in machine running.

2. Die cutter cylinder (bottom cylinder)

1) Die cutter cylinder adopts quality steel through precise machining, dynamic and static balances tests featuring sound running and accurate die cutting;

2) Die cutterfastening screw-hole distances: axial: 50mm; radial: 20 divisions;

3) Die cutter cylinder phase is set on touch screen with frequency inverter dual speed setting and planetary gearing at 360 degrees (available at either running or stop);

4) Die cutter cylinder left and right shifting are set on touch screen, which is electrically set and digitally controlled with 10mm setting range.

3. Anvil Cylinder (Upper cylinder)

1) It is made of quality steel through precise machining, dynamic/static balance tests, its surface is wrapped with PU covering imported from TaiWan;

2) Anvil cylinder is equipped with tracer and differential compensation device to control the anvil cylinder speed and its compensation range is ±3mm;

3) Anvil cylinder adopts trimming system to make the covering even and smooth to improve its life and reduce costs;

4) Phase setting is done on touch screen with inverter dual speed and planetary gearing at 360 degrees (available at either running or stop);

4. Differential Compensation Device

The auto differential compensation function is able to offset the linear speed change due to the trimmed anvil covering automatically to secure the die cuttingaccuracy. In case the anvil cylinder diameter becomes smaller due to the trimming, its linear speed changes either accordingly, in this case, a differential device installed on the end of anvil cylinder is able to remain the linear speed same as that of die cutting cylinder, in this way, to make every lot of processed blanks in same size. Meanwhile, when twice trimmings are done, it still remains the requirement die cutting quality. This compensation is fulfilled with motor control system.

Auto stacking unit

1. SheetCollecting Arm

The tension of sheet collecting arm conveying belt can be set separately without the limit by belt length featuring easiness, flexibility and quickness.

2. Collector Bed Elevation

1) Driven by a strong chain for smooth elevation and transverse movement;

2) 1600mm stacking height and the collecting bed is installed with auto locker;

3) Collecting bed elevation motor is attached with a brake to remain it at the position without sliding down.

3. Collection Baffle

1) Collecting plate is driven pneumatically and the stacking height is control by photocell;

2) Back baffle can be set manually in line with blank length;

3) The grained surface belt has fine friction to prevent it from slipping.

4) Stacker’s squaring system ensures neat stacking after printing.


1. Main Motor

The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, power 37KW-45KW. (Adjust the power according to the number of units)


Bearings Adopt Japan original imported.

3.Electric Components

1) Every unit adopts independent control mode to secure safety and reliability;

2) Contactors and air-switches are those from Schneider;

3) Frequency inverters of fan are made from Schneider and those of main motors are from TaiWan Delta;

4) PLC is purchased from Fatek Taiwan and touch screen, from Schneider

5) Rotary encoder is made in Taiwan.

4. Main Transmission Gears

1) It works precisely, which is made of quality steel alloy through carburizing, hardening and grinding etc. (gear surface hardness HRC=60-62) to make the gears in high intensity, sound abrasion proof and smooth running;

2) Lubrication adopts enclosed splashing oiling system to secure precise transmission and long service life.

5. Spline Free Joint Ring

Shaft and gear are coupled with spline free joint ring without clearance even a heavy torque is exerted to make the installation and service more simple and precise transmission longer to guarantee the printing registration.

6. It is made of 60mm gray pig iron through annealing and machined with CNC machining center to make it high in accuracy and good in quality.


An auxiliary concentrated dust suction channel and muffler pipe are designed on entire course vacuum system and a dust collecting tank is also installed.


Titles Place of Origin
1 Wheel front edge feeder

wheel front edge feeder

2 Touch screen
PLC, touch screen from Schneider
3 Converter

Schneider (fan), Inovance (main motor)

4 Bearings
5 Gears

Import from TaiWan


Electrical elements

SCHNEIDER France and Panasonic Japan


Frequency converter

Delta Taiwan


Doctor Blade


Dual-way membrane pump


Ceramic anilox cylinder


9.Technical Parameter

Technical Data  900x2000



Max Mechanical speed(p/min)  250
Max feeding size(mm)  900x2000



Min feeding size(mm) 280x600 320x650
Skip feeding(mm) 1100x2000



Max printing area(mm)  900x1900



Standard plate caliper(mm)  7.0 7.0
Min slotting distance(mm)  Forward 130x130x130x130


Backward 200x60x200x60 250x60x250x60
Max slot depth(mm) 300 400